It is another system designed to be used for climbing formwork systems. In this system, the stop anchors stays in the concrete, while the conical portion is removed. As in the other systems, the positions of the climbing cones are adjusted by positioning disks and then cement is applied. Then, the positioning disk is replaced by climbing ring. The climbing bracket is placed on the climbing ring.

Atricle No. Bar Q (mm) Q1/Q2 (mm) Length (mm) Hex (mm) Weight (kg/pc)
M24 CF D15 15 28/40 100 30 1
M24 CF D15/2 15 30/50 125 36 1,1
M30 CF D20 20 40/60 130 36 1,5
M36 CF D26 26 40/60 150 41 1,7